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Minimum Orders

Fabric & Trimming has a minimum order of two meters and an increment is cut by the half meter. Orders below the two-meter minimum are subject to a cutting fee of €30.

To Avoid Claims and Returns Inform the Workroom

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all proper instructions are issued to the workroom regarding product and color description, face application, and other pertinent information. An identification cutting should accompany all workroom orders. The end use of Schumacher products is at the discretion of the customer. When delivering to a workroom (curtain maker, upholsterer, etc.), Schumacher suggests sending a cutting in advance to help verify the goods.

Protect Silk Orders

Please be aware that silk is a natural product and therefore will always have natural imperfections. Weave and shade variations, nubs and slubs are to be expected in fine 100% silk yarns. Removing them would not only weaken the fabric, but destroy part of the natural beauty and character. In addition, silk products must be protected from the sun. Draperies should be lined and in some cases interlining is recommended. Colors can fade by oxidation (gas fading) if unaired in storage for a period of time. Schumacher cannot accept responsibility for silk fabrics left in their packaging for periods of time and/or stored improperly.

Protect Velvet Orders

Velvet fabric should be removed from its packaging and used as soon as possible to avoid crushing. Always store a roll of velvet in a horizontal and hanging position, either in a special shelving system or in the original box within its suspension. Schumacher cannot accept responsibility for velvets left in their packaging for long periods of time and/or stored improperly.

For Dimensional Stability

The absolute dimensional stability of fabrics cannot be guaranteed. As a result, double headings and generous hems are recommended.


All inquiries regarding claims, returns, price errors, billing errors, and proof of deliveries should be directed to your sales representative or to contact@fschumacher.co.uk .


Please notify us about any problems no later than 30 days after the invoice date. Authorization for returns must first be received from the Schumacher team, before returning items.


If Schumacher is at fault, there is no service charge, and the account will be reimbursed with all shipping or postage charges. If Schumacher is not at fault (including and without limitations refused shipments, customer duplication of orders or cancellation after shipment), the following charges will be made:

  • 25% restocking charge on all fabric and trimming 5.5 meters or longer
  • 25% on all wallcovering (full, uncut rolls only)
  • Pick up charge in addition to shipping and/or postage charges

Unacceptable Claims or Returns

  • Merchandise that has been cut or processed
  • Fabric and trimming pieces of less than 5.5 meters
  • Custom orders
  • Shrinkage or stretching less than 3%
  • Discontinued merchandise
  • Cut bolts/rolls of wallcovering
  • Commercial, 54 wallcovering
  • Sample books are not returnable for credit after 90 days from invoice
  • Fabrics or wallcoverings that have had a special process applied such as flame proofing, backing, special coatings, etc.
  • Floor samples and merchandise sold off the showroom floor

Velvet Returns

Velvets must be returned in the original packaging. If the velvets are received in a condition that prevents Schumacher from determining liability or if handling or shipping may have caused damage, the goods will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense and credit will not be authorized.

Standard Orders Change or Cancellation

All orders are considered committed orders. A request to change or cancel orders may be accommodated at Schumacher’s sole discretion, only if the order has not already been processed for shipment. Merchandise returns must meet our return policy, and are subject to the standard handling charge.

For Wovens and Prints

Woven and printed patterns cannot always be completely square on the cloth. Before cutting, make sure pattern alignment is adequate to produce a satisfactory result.

Color Fading

Schumacher utilizes the highest quality dyes, but our products are not guaranteed against color fading from undue exposure to the sun or other atmospheric conditions. Dry cleaning is recommended at regular intervals. Very few fabrics are washable. Be sure to check the product instructions to verify.

Proof Products

Returns are not accepted after merchandise has been cut, treated or processed in any way. Schumacher recommends that the customer check all products for flaws, correctness of pattern, color and differences before any product is cut or processed.

Processing Products

All processing is at the customer’s risk. Room for shrinkage must be allowed when processing or adding flame retardants, special coatings and backings, among other treatments. Schumacher will drop-ship to the processor of the customer’s choice, who will bill the customer directly. Many Schumacher products are flame resistant or already treated for soil resistance. We recommend the customer contact Schumacher before arranging for processing that may be unnecessary.

Same pattern, different product

Differences in width between fabrics and wallcoverings with a similar pattern may result in design disparities. Make sure you to see a sample of the product before placing an order.

As indicated, Schumacher wallcoverings are either priced by the single roll or by the yard. Those sold by the single roll are packaged in double rolls. Single rolls are available and subject to a cutting charge. Wallcoverings sold by the yard may have minimum yardage requirements for ordering – please check the item before ordering.


Wallcovering Preparation

Please refer to the insert included with all Schumacher wallcovering shipments for useful hanging guidelines.

  • Walls must be smooth, clean, and free of mildew, grease and stain. Wash completely with soap and water if any of these conditions exist. If necessary, apply a stain-killing primer, followed by a wallcovering primer/sealer prior to installing wallcovering.
  • On plastered walls, drywalls and painted walls, apply a pigmented wallcovering primer/sealer prior to installing the wallcovering. If walls are newly plastered, be sure to wash with zinc sulfate solution to neutralize the lime. Follow this process with an application of a wallcovering primer/sealer.

Wallcovering Preparation

  • There is a possibility of differences in certain dye lots. For this reason, Schumacher suggests decorative accessories be in the customer’s possession prior to hanging wallcovering.
  • Care should be taken that correct wallcovering have been received. All merchandise is inspected by the mill prior to shipment. However, final inspection is the responsibility of the end user. Examine the shipment for the correct pattern number and verify that the run numbers on each bolt match. Do not cut merchandise until it has been inspected to ensure it is in perfect condition.
  • Dry test by rolling out two bolts of wallcovering. Place the bolts side-by-side to ensure shading matches. During installation, hang only three strips. If shading appears at the seams, please allow strips to dry before continuing the installation to ensure the merchandise does not have shade defects.


Schumacher specialists will work with customers to accommodate a client’s design needs. In addition to discontinued Schumacher product, new designs, historic reproductions of printed and woven fabrics, and printed wallcoverings, trimmings and furniture can be produced on a special-order basis.

Schumacher’s custom design service has provided designs for the U.S. capitol and congressional buildings, many state capitols, theatres, opera houses, museums, civic and corporate centers worldwide.

Quotations will be issued for custom-order requests, and will reflect any mill minimum requirements, set-up charges, strike-off charges, as well as any other costs associated with producing the requested product.


A nonrefundable deposit of 50% is required on all custom orders. The balance is due prior to shipment.


Up to 10% tolerance can be expected for which the customer will be responsible. The balance due will be adjusted prior to shipment.


Acceptance of Orders

All orders placed by the customer are subject to acceptance by F. Schumacher & Co. and the credit department. Each order placed by the customer and accepted by Schumacher is a sale subject to these Terms and Conditions and indicates your assent to these Terms and Conditions unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing.


Purchase prices are listed on Schumacher’s website or are as quoted by a Schumacher representative, plus applicable taxes, shipping and handling charges. Prices are subject to change without notice. All orders are invoiced at the prices in effect on the date the order is accepted.

Force Majeure

Schumacher shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or failure to deliver any or all of the products if such delay or failure is caused by lockouts or other labor disputes, production interruptions or limitations, shortages or late delivery of raw materials, acts of nature or other causes beyond our control.

Title / Risk of Loss

Unless otherwise agreed, all products are shipped F.O.B. shipping point. Title and risk of loss pass to the customer upon delivery.

Common Carriers

Shipments made directly from our warehouse to the customer or the customer’s client will be made on common carriers licensed by the ICC. If the carrier requires such shipments be made on a prepaid basis, Schumacher will bill the customer for such charges and a handling fee. It is the customer or the customer’s client’s responsibility to inspect all products before signing for shipment and to note any damages on the freight bill. It is the customer or the customer’s client’s responsibility to file any damage claims with the carrier. However, where possible, Schumacher will render reasonable assistance in settling claims.


The customer has 30 days to inspect the goods and notify Schumacher of any visible defects or non conformity. If during the thirty days the customer does not inform Schumacher of any visible defects or non-conformity, or the customer uses or resells the goods, or the customer fails to inspect the goods, it shall be concluded that the goods delivered were conforming.

Warranty / Claims

  • We warrant that the products we sell will at the time of delivery be free from defects in manufacturing and workmanship, other than defects that are within accepted industry norms. This warranty shall be effective for a period of one year from the date of delivery of the products. You are expected to promptly inspect the products for defect upon delivery and prior to installation or other processing of the products as previously specified. We will not take any action on a claim unless and until you have sent us a written report, within the one-year warranty period specifying the nature of the defect. If we determine the claim to be valid, we will, at our option, either replace free of charge any defective product or reimburse you for your cost for such product. This is your exclusive remedy for breach of our warranty. This warranty applies only if such defective product was subjected to normal use and for the purpose for which it was intended and if the product was properly handled, stored, installed and maintained in accordance with industry standards and/or written instructions.
  • This warranty shall not apply after products have been cut, installed or otherwise processed, except in the case of hidden defects that could not be detected by inspection of the products. Claims and returns are also subject to the restocking charges and other limitations set forth in this book. No return of merchandise will be accepted without a proper written return authorization. Return of merchandise must be made within 30 calendar days from the date of return authorization.
  • We expect you to represent, sell and service our products in a manner consistent with generating consumer goodwill towards our products and brands. If you offer for resale to consumers, you agree that original consumer purchasers of the product shall be afforded the benefits of this warranty. However, we shall not be bound or held responsible for any greater or additional warranty terms you may decide to extend to your customers for our products. Unless authorized to do so by us, you shall not instruct any of your customers to contact us directly with respect to a warranty claim. If we observe a pattern of repeated unwillingness on your part to provide at least the level of service and performance contemplated under this warranty, we may terminate our business relationship with you.
  • If you purchase products from us that were manufactured, processed and/or packaged in accordance with your specifications, and such specifications deviate from our normal and accepted standards, then, regardless of anything contained in this section to the contrary, we will not accept returns or warranty claims resulting from our compliance with your specifications.
  • Photographs, illustrations, cuttings or samples furnished by us are offered as approximations only and we can not guarantee that products will exactly match the color or shade of items depicted in our sample books or illustrations. We shall not be liable for any claims based on color mismatch from different dye lots or print runs once the product has been cut installed or processed by you in any way.
  • Samples are lent free of charge to our professional clients to facilitate their interior design projects and are expected to be returned. Unreturned samples will be charged at Schumacher's discretion.
  • Except for the warranties contained in this Warranty & Claims paragraph, we make no other warranty with respect to the products either express or implied. We disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and we shall have no liability whatsoever for any damage, loss, cost, labor or other charge or expense (whether direct, indirect, special consequential or incidental) suffered or incurred by you or any of your customers.